Have an Existing Custom Built tool?

5 reasons it might be time for you to switch to a vendors SaaS solution

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Why give your competitors an advantage

Maintaining and documenting a custom built solution takes time away from your businesses core mission and costs you money. Money that may well be better spent on a tool from a SaaS solution vendor.

Even when your maintenance costs are low, then the alarm bells should be ringing as your business is still losing out, as it means your ‘Build’ is not getting enhanced, all the while your competitors are using a purchased solution from a vendor, that goes through multiple feature releases a year, adding value with each release to your competitors, while you stand still.

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Opportunity Cost

Of missing out on the latest R&D

Technology is ever changing, and evolving, for a vendor’s SaaS solution, the very existence and prosperity of the vendor relies on them innovating and incorporating the best of breed technology R&D into their solution, which your team gets the benefit of every day.

However, when you rely on a custom built solution, the reality is that ongoing improvement to your custom tool is rarely a priority in the business, meaning your team is stuck in the past uses obsolete interfaces and missing out of the most efficient ways to get things done.

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Opportunity cost
Basket Ball Hoop

Hot Hand Fallacy

With added ‘Sunk Cost’ bias

The ‘Hot Hand Fallacy’ is the purported phenomenon that a person who experiences a successful outcome has a greater chance of success in further attempts such as shooting baskets in a basketball game, when in fact this has no truth in science.

The same is often true of companies with a custom developed tool. Some stakeholders become attached to the existing tool, perhaps concerned of the sunk costs, rather than looking at the bigger picture of overall value that a vendor’s quality SaaS solution can bring to the business.

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Shared best practices

Why miss out on your improvement?

One of the great things about using a reputable vendor’s SaaS solution is that you get the benefit of sharing best practices from thousands of other companies.

Whether those best practices take the place of product improvements or ideas that you pick up from the vendors customer success team, conferences or user groups, by sticking with your custom build you’re missing out on making your business most efficient and moving forward effectively.

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Best Practice
Tip of the iceberg

Iceberg, Dead Ahead

Beware of hidden risks to your business

The detailed knowledge of your custom built tool is typically contained within a small number of people in your organization and is rarely documented well. So what happens when one of those key people goes to work for another company?

You’re left with a mission critical tool you can’t improve and should something break you might not be able to fix the issue. Worse still over time your custom tool never improves, so adoption in your team plummets, eventually costing you way more than it would to move to a modern vendor based solution.

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